A Food Lover's Travel Guide to the Best of Vietnamese Food

Sinh to ca chua - a popular Vietnamese drink made with tomatoes, sugar, and ice.

Sinh To Ca Chua

Tomato Shake

Most cafes will offer this refreshing drink. It's basically sweetened tomato juice with ice. The sweetness may come from sugar, honey, or condensed milk. Even if you aren't a huge tomato fan, you should give this drink a try as the tomato taste isn't too overpowering.

So Huyet or Blood Cockles

So Huyet

Blood Cockles

A type of clam that is enjoyed by many Vietnamese beer drinkers. They can be steamed, boiled, or fried up in a variety of spices and flavours. Pop one open and scoop out the meat then dip it in the lime and pepper mix.

Sua Bap or Corn Milk

Sua Bap

Corn Milk

Corn is blended with milk and water to make this simple, but unique drink.

Suon Non Kho Tieu or Braised Pork Ribs with Pepper

Suon Non Kho Tieu

Braised Pork Ribs with Pepper

Often cooked in coconut water for a touch of sweetness.

Xoi Man or Salty Sticky Rice topped with meats


Sticky Rice

A very popular breakfast, lunch, or snack in Vietnam. Sticky rice is steamed and topped with a variety of savoury or sweet toppings. During lunch, schools will empty and students will head to their nearest xoi street food stall to fill up on this cheap but tasty concoction.