A Food Lover's Travel Guide to the Best of Vietnamese Food

Banh Mi Ca Moi or Vietnamese Sardine Sandwich

Banh Mi Ca Moi

Vietnamese Sardine Sandwich

Canned sardines in tomato sauce are heated up in a frying pan and spread on a fresh baguette with cilantro, pickled carrot and daikon, and cucumber. It's a very tasty sandwich that melts in your mouth. Just look for a banh mi stand with a pile of small cans with a picture of a fish on them.

Banh Mi Cha Bo or Vietnamese Beef Sandwich

Banh Mi Cha Bo

Vietnamese Beef Sandwich

Beef is steamed in a banana leaf then sliced and added to this sandwich with a plethora of delicious flavours including: pickled carrot and daikon, cilantro, cucumber, chilli peppers, mayo, and more.

Banh Mi Cha Lua or Vietnamese Ham Sandwich

Banh Mi Cha Lua

Vietnamese Ham Sandwich

Vietnamese ham is a very popular thing to add to banh mi. This sandwich focuses on it, and adds some herbs, pork fat, condiments, and veggies to balance it all out.

Banh Mi Doner Kebab or Vietenamese Doner Kebab

Banh Mi Doner Kebab

Vietenamese Doner Kebab

Doner Kebab can hardly be called Vietnamese food. It originated in Turkey, but the Vietnamese have adapted it -- pork is used instead of beef or lamb, it's served on a Vietnamese style baguette instead of flat bread, and pickled carrot and daikon provides a sourness that you don't get with traditional doner kebab.

Banh Mi Heo Quay or Vietnamese Roasted Pork Sandwich

Banh Mi Heo Quay

Vietnamese Roasted Pork Sandwich

One of the more popular types of banh mi, pork is roasted and shaved to be the highlight of this delicious sandwich. Along with the flavourful pork, you'll find typical banh mi toppings like: cucumber, pickled carrot and daikon, chilli peppers, Chinese chives, cilantro, mayo, hot sauce, and sometimes pate.

Banh Mi Op La or Vietnamese Egg Sandwich

Banh Mi Op La

Vietnamese Egg Sandwich

For a quick breakfast, stop at a banh mi stand and pick up one of these sandwiches. The bread is fresh and crusty, the egg is fried up on the spot, and the rest of banh mi's fillings come together perfectly.