A Food Lover's Travel Guide to the Best of Vietnamese Food

Banh Khot

Mini Shrimp Pancakes

The batter in this dish can be made with blended up leftover rice, a store bought banh khot batter, or from scratch with rice flour and coconut milk. A special pan is used to give the pancakes their shape. They're topped with shrimp and scallions. Sometimes a powder made from dried shrimp is sprinkled on top. Garlic and cilantro are also popular additions. Once cooked, the pancakes are served along with a plate of greens that might include: mustard leaves, mint, perilla, Thai basil, fish mint, and lettuce. A bowl of pickled carrot and daikon will also be close by. The most popular method of eating bánh khọt is to take a lettuce leaf, pile your favourite herbs in it, lay some carrot and daikon on it, then place a shrimp pancake on top of it all. The package is rolled up and then dipped in a sweet and sour fish sauce. The flavours are incredible. The textures are perfect. It's a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Try different combinations of herbs to find your favourite, or skip the lettuce and wrap with the mustard leaves, or just go for it and eat the pancakes on their own after dipping them in the tasty sauce.