A Food Lover's Travel Guide to the Best of Vietnamese Food

Bun Bo Hue

Hue Style Beef Noodle Soup

The city of Hue is in central Vietnam. It is responsible for a lot of delicious Vietnamese food, but the most famous dish to come out of the region is probably Bun Bo Hue. At first, you might think it's similar to pho, but this soup is spicier, it's made using copious amounts of lemongrass, and the rice noodles are thicker and round. It also sometimes contains pork -- usually chunks of pork feet, congealed pork blood, or Vietnamese steamed pork loaf (cha lua). Garnishes often include: chilis, Vietnamese coriander, bean sprouts, mint, and lime. I find it a bit challenging to eat. The round noodles love to slip out of my chopsticks and splash back into the broth. I've stained more than one shirt eating this tasty dish, but I can't say I have any regrets.

Where To Find It:

Ho Chi Minh City
Nam Giao - 136/15 Lê Thánh Tôn, District 1
Bun Bo Hue or Vietnamese Hue Style Beef Noodle Soup