A Food Lover's Travel Guide to the Best of Vietnamese Food

Bun Ca Loc

Snakehead Fish Soup

A light tasty soup that's usually eaten for breakfast. The unique feature here is one of Vietnam's favourite river fish, the Snakehead. It's ugly to look at, but it tastes delicious. In North America, the snakehead fish is an invasive species. People are rewarded for killing it. What a waste of a potentially delicious dish. In bún cá lóc it is often fried and then sliced and placed in the broth with vermicelli noodles. Since it is a river fish, you'd expect it to taste a little muddy, but it's light and clean tasting. A bowl is usually accompanied by a generous serving of water spinach that has been quickly softened in boiling water. If the soup is sprinkled with dill, count yourself a lucky eater. It goes really well with the slightly sweet broth.

Bun Ca Loc or Snakehead Fish Soup