A Food Lover's Travel Guide to the Best of Vietnamese Food

Ech Nuong

Grilled Frog

I challenge you to try some grilled frog. I admit, it's not much to look at. The feet are cut off, both the large back legs and the tiny front ones are served, and the frog's butt is usually there too (which I didn't bother trying). If that's not enough, they don't even peel the skin off in Vietnam. It's not a pretty sight at all, but as the saying goes, "tastes like chicken". I'd say it's closer to a combination of chicken and fish. A fishy tasting piece of chicken. At least it's fresh. A trip to the market, or a night drive down a back road will tell you that. The meat is lean and, depending what version you get, is usually seasoned deliciously. Ếch nướng is a pretty good bar snack that can be grilled by the cook or by you and your friends at your table on a clay pot grill.

Ech Nuong or Grilled Frog

Ếch nướng muối ớt - frog slathered in spicy chili