A Food Lover's Travel Guide to the Best of Vietnamese Food

Just How Cheap is it to Eat in Vietnam?

One quick look at the graphic to the right and you'll see that there is plenty of food to fill a person. I picked this up at a typical quán cơm bình dân (common rice eatery). It's where most people go to have lunch. They had a selection of different meats in a stand at the front of the restaurant. I took the safe bet and went with the chicken, but I could have had chim se roti (roasted sparrow) or an assortment of other meats. The chicken, which was a fairly large hunk of breast, came with rice, soup, cabbage, sauce, a banana, and a bag of herbs and vegetables. Total price... 18,000 dong or about 0.85 cents US. That's a cheap meal.

Infographic of a cheap meal in Vietnam