A Food Lover's Travel Guide to the Best of Vietnamese Food

Ba Roi Nuong

Grilled Pork Belly

If you're going out for beers check the menu for this delicious dish. Ba rọi nướng is salty and juicy. Pork belly, basically bacon that hasn't been smoked, is sliced or chopped, and mixed with oil and seasoning. Common varieties are: Ba rọi nướng riềng mẻ (galangal - a type of ginger), ba rọi nướng sốt/muối ớt (chilli sauce/salt), ba rọi nướng kim chi (Korean spice), and ba rọi nướng kiểu Thái (Thai-style). The pork belly is grilled over a flame while you start salivating at the smell. It's served on a plate or a stick, usually with some vegetables. Dip the delicious pork belly in mam ruoc (feremented shrimp sauce), or muối tiêu chanh (lime salt and pepper) which usually involves squeezing the lime wedge into the salt and pepper mix first. Watch for men sitting around a table with a bunch of crushed beer cans at their feet. It won't be long before they order a serving of ba roi nuong.

Ba Roi Nuong Rieng Me or Grilled Bacon with Galangal