A Food Lover's Travel Guide to the Best of Vietnamese Food

Ca Phe Sua Da or Vietnamese Iced Coffee with milk

Ca Phe Sua Da

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Thick, sweet, chocolaty liquid that refreshes you, energizes you, and leaves you wanting more. Vietnam's coffee is unique and a must try.

Ca Phe Trung or Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Ca Phe Trung

Egg Coffee

Egg coffee is quite difficult to find outside of Hanoi. An egg is frothed with sugar and poured on top of a cup of thick, rich Vietnamese coffee. You can also get it with sweetened condensed milk, and can usually choose whether you want it hot or cold.

Nuoc Chanh or Vietnamese Limeade

Nuoc Chanh


A great way to cool down. Lime, sugar, and ice water make up this simple but refreshing drink.

Sinh To Bo or Avocado Shake

Sinh To Bo

Avocado Shake

A delicious and nutritious shake that will cool you down and surprise you with it's tastiness.

Sinh to ca chua - a popular Vietnamese drink made with tomatoes, sugar, and ice.

Sinh To Ca Chua

Tomato Shake

Most cafes will offer this refreshing drink. It's basically sweetened tomato juice with ice. The sweetness may come from sugar, honey, or condensed milk. Even if you aren't a huge tomato fan, you should give this drink a try as the tomato taste isn't too overpowering.

Sua Bap or Corn Milk

Sua Bap

Corn Milk

Corn is blended with milk and water to make this simple, but unique drink.